How Can I Send A Secret Message With

This message will self destruct in X minutes.

Have you ever wanted to send a message in Mission: Impossible style? You know, the type that blows up or disintegrates after a short amount of time?

Well now you can with a fun service that allows you to send messages, links, passwords and such and have them disappear after a certain amount of time or views. To get started head over to


You’ll instantly see the box as per the above image. Here you can enter whatever it is you want to send but, before you hit that Save my secret button you may want to check how long the message will ‘stay alive’ for and how many times it can be viewed:


When you have set that up as required you simply enter your message and save your secret.


Once you have done this you will be given a URL which you can copy and paste into an email message that you send to the chosen recipient(s).


When your friends, colleagues, etc receive your email they can then visit the URL that you gave them and retrieve the password, message, private link or whatever else it was that you sent them:


Of course this isn’t the most secure means of sending a message to someone. Not by a long shot. And I think probably realise that too:


But it does have a certain charm about it and it could be used by parents as a tool to encourage younger kids to start thinking about security. They can have a bit of fun with a service like this whilst learning a lesson about how sending sensitive data via email in plain text is not such a good idea. You could, perhaps, use it as a springboard for explaining the basics of encryption to your older kids too. I’ve done both with my children and it was they who introduced me to this site in the first place. They’re learning! 🙂

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  1. What a spiffing idea. Better than flash paper (I like flash paper, great for magic tricks and hiding your passwords when the goons gome calling … that’s a joke by the way I have nothing to hide)

    but why not just post it on your blog or use a paste bucket , assuming you can find one that websense has not blocked (but don’t get me started on websense). OK, so I’ve done it at https://

    I’m trying to think of a use. as you say, it might be good as a training exercise, but I can’t really see anyone using it to transport a shared secret … surely not?

    • “…but I can’t really see anyone using it to transport a shared secret … surely not?” << how about UK government officials? 😀


      boycott social media? 😉

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