How Can I Secure And Monitor My PC With WinPatrol 2012?

Have you heard of heuristics in terms of antivirus software? In basic terms it is a means of detecting new threats based upon similarities with existing signatures. And it was quite likely pioneered by Bill Pytlovany, the guy who has been behind WinPatrol for something like 15 years.

WinPatrol 2012

WinPatrol uses it’s heuristic behavioural approach to analyse your computer system in order to identify zero days as well as other threats. It can be used alongside your regular security suite and it also packs in many other features too, a few of which I’ve shown in the screenshots below:


Display hidden Windows files:


Show which Windows services are running or stopped:


Find out what tasks are currently running on your computer:


And there are many more features available in the free version besides that:


There is also a paid version of WinPatrol available too which adds a few extra handy features such as real time infilitration detection among others:


At the time of writing the Plus version is on offer at an absolutely insane price of just 99 cents. If you ask me its worth giving that small an amount to Bill regardless just for the amount of work he has put into his product!

Have you used WinPatrol? How has it helped you?

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