How Can I Remove Problematic Programs With IObit Uninstaller 2.1?

For the most part, if you wish to uninstall a program, you can simply use the uninstall function found within the Control Panel. But I’m sure you’ve experienced the odd program or two that won’t go happily.

If you’ve ever had a program that won’t uninstall at all, or that has left parts behind, then IObit’s Uninstaller version 2.1 may be what you need.

To get started with the program you will obviously need to download it first – IObit uninstaller 2.1.

It would also be advisable to make sure you have a full back up prepared at this point. This shouldn’t be required but is good¬†practice¬†when making changes to your computer.

iobit uninstaller 2.1

Once you’ve downloaded, unzipped and run the program you’ll see the interface shown in the image above.

Here you will see all the programs, toolbars and Windows updates that you can quickly uninstall as is. You can find what you are looking for by scrolling through the entire list or by narrowing your search by clicking on Toolbar, Recently Installed, Large Programs, Rarely Used or Windows Update, as seen on the left.

iobit uninstaller 2.1 batch uninstall

You can either select a single program to install or you can tick Batch Uninstall, as I have done in the screenshot above, and get rid of several programs in one go.

Once you have selected one or more programs to uninstall you will need to click on the Uninstall button in order to proceed.


IObit uninstaller will then take you through a short wizard in order to complete the uninstallation process.

You will notice at the top of this screen that there are two buttons – Standard and Advanced. By selecting Advanced you will have the option to run a Powerful Scan at the end of this process. More on that shortly.

As part of the process you will notice that IObit uninstaller will create a restore point – handy if something goes wrong.


Now just follow the prompts on the screen in order to continue.

uninstallation process

As the uninstallation progresses you will likely see a screen like the one above which will inform you how the process is progressing.

powerful scan

When you have uninstalled the one or more programs you selected the Powerful Scan will run if you had chosen the Advanced setting earlier. This will look for anything that has been left behind by the standard uninstallation process. You may be surprised by how much it finds!!

Here you can click on the Select All button and then on Delete in order to get rid of all the remnants.

forced uninstaller

IObit uninstaller also has another button on the main screen called Forced Uninstall.

This can be used for programs that the standard uninstall operation cannot deal with for whatever reason.

You can either Browse your computer for the program’s location or type it into the search box. Once found, the program can then be uninstalled by clicking on the Next> button and then following the simple instructions thereafter.

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  1. Hi Dave, hope you are well.

    Yes, CCleaner is a good alternative.

  2. Just curious about something.
    If you used the add and remove feature in your computer to remove a program, an yes many leave some things behind, wouldnt running something like CCleaner remove what ever was left behind.

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