How Can I Remove Malware?

You may be wondering just what malware is. Well, malware is a word used to describe all types of malicious software that may find their way onto your computer system.

There are many different types of malware that all serve different purposes. The main types of malware that you may come across are as follows –

  • viruses
  • trojans
  • spyware
  • worms
  • adware

There are other forms of malware but the ones above are those that you are most likely to encounter.

how can I remove malware?

how can I remove malware?

If your system is ever infected with malware then you will want to remove it as soon as you possibly can. Not only can it damage your system but it can also cost you money, depending on the malware author’s intentions.

As there are so many different types of malware the means of removing such threats can be quite varied. That is why it is such a good idea to have an antivirus program or security suite installed on your computer. If you search around this blog you will find reviews of many such programs but, to get you started, you could check out the likes of Kaspersky Antivirus or ESET Smart Security4.

Automatic malware removal

Once you have some security software installed you can follow these steps to ensure that your PC is free from malware –

  1. Run a full system scan to detect any threats on your computer
  2. Quarantine and delete any detected threats as necessary

In the majority of cases removing malware really is that simple, especially if you have installed a security product from one of the top vendors, such as those I list over to the right.

Manual malware removal

Automatic┬áremoval of malware is usually successful but there is never a 100% guarantee that it will work. The alternative then is to remove the malware yourself and this is how you can do it –

  1. Always back up your computer so that you can retrieve damaged files after the event and put right any mistakes you make whilst removing malware
  2. Use your favourite search engine to find the specific piece of malware that you wish to remove
  3. Follow the removal guide that you find, making sure you don’t make any mistakes!

Malware prevention

Removing malware manually can be a real pain and the average person may find it complicated too, not to mention the fact that they may make a mistake and cause further┬ádamage┬áto their PC. Therefore it is far more preferable to ensure that your computer doesn’t become infected in the first place.

The best way to achieve this is to ensure that you are running a good antivirus program as an absolute minimum and, preferably, a full internet security package that includes a firewall, antispyware and other defence mechanisms in addition to just antivirus protection.

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