How Can I Remove A Computer Worm?

A computer worm is a malicious program that reproduces itself as it spreads to as many computers as it can via the internet, networks and removable storage devices. A worm also, and perhaps more commonly, replicates through use of your email system, sending itself to everyone in your address book.

The damage that a computer worm can do can be quite severe so if you think you are infected with one then you will want to remove it as soon as you possibly can.


Removing a computer worm

The following steps below can help you to remove a worm from your computer system –

  1. Make sure you have a good antivirus program, such as Webroot Antivirus 2011, installed on your PC
  2. Disable System Restore so that Windows doesn’t create backups which are themselves infected with the worm
  3. Run a complete scan of your system with your antivirus program
  4. If your antivirus program doesn’t automatically remove the worm then make sure you take a note of it’s name
  5. Use a search engine to find a removal kit for the particular worm that you are infected with and follow it’s instructions
  6. After removing the worm turn your antivirus program back on
  7. Switch System Restore back on

Preventing computer worms

The best way of protecting yourself against computer worms is to be proactive about defending your computer. You can achieve this by installing an antivirus program as a minimum. You can go a step further by purchasing a full internet security suite, such as F-Secure Internet Security 2011 which provides a good level of protection against computer worms as well as many other threats that you would otherwise be susceptible to.

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