How Can I Remove A Computer Virus?

If you think your system has been infected with a virus then it is important that you act quickly. The majority of computer viruses cause destruction by deleting or modifying the files on your PC.

The best tool to have in your arsenal at this point is a good antivirus program, such as BitDefender Antivirus 2011.

how can I remove a computer virus?

how can I remove a computer virus?

How do I know if I have a virus?

There are many people who have a computer system that is infected with a virus and yet they don’t even know it. The majority of viruses are designed in such a way that they will remain hidden unless specifically searched for.

Thats not to say that you have no hope of knowing if you are infected though as there are some signs to look out for –

  • either your computer becomes slow and/or your internet connection becomes sluggish
  • your web browser starts taking you to unexpected web sites
  • you start receiving pop-ups whilst surfing the web
  • your computer starts suffering with random errors
  • certain aspects of your computer, such as task manager, cease to work

There are other indications that your computer has been infected with a virus but those above are amongst the most common.

If you think you have a virus on your computer then you will want to know how to remove it…

Removing a computer virus

With your antivirus program installed you will then want to follow the following steps for removing a virus –

  1. Close any applications that are currently open on your PC
  2. Run a full system scan with your antivirus program
  3. Quarantine any programs that your antivirus program flags up as being malicious and delete any that are identified as threats

All things being equal, your system should now be safe and secure again.

Virus prevention

Once your system is clear of any viruses that were on it you will want to keep it that way. The best defence against viruses and other types of malicious software is to have a good antivirus program installed that will protect your computer and remove all threats.

You will also want to avoid downloading suspicious programs or visiting potentially harmful sites as well as only opening email from sources that you trust.

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