How Can I Recover A Lost Password In The Firefox Browser?

Yesterday I wrote about how you could recover a lost password if you had it saved in your Chrome browser. As far as I’m aware there is no such facility in Internet Explorer but there is in Firefox…

Recovering a lost password in Firefox

recover lost password Firefox 1

1. Firstly, you need to click on the orange Firefox button which is at the top left of your browser.

recover lost password Firefox 2

2. Now choose Options followed by Options again.

recover lost password Firefox 3

3. This will open a new window. Here you need to click on the Security tab in order to see the screen above. Now click on the Saved Passwords… button.

recover lost password Firefox 4

4. This will show a list of all the user names you have saved for any web sites stored in Firefox. You need to click on the Show Passwords button found in the bottom right hand corner.

recover lost password Firefox 5

A box will open asking you to confirm whether or not you really do wish to display your list of passwords. Click on Yes.

recover lost password Firefox 6

Now you will be able to see a list of web sites for which information has been saved in Firefox along with the corresponding user names and passwords (hidden in the image above for my own protection).

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  1. David Birkett says:

    This is not information on lost passwords. This is information on forgotten passwords but stored on your Firefox browser.
    What about when your browser passwords are lost due to a Firefox update?
    E.g. 10.0 update?

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