How Can I Protect Myself Against Identity Theft?

One of the questions you may have asked yourself when it comes to protecting yourself from becoming a victim of various scams is how to stop identity theft. Although there is no sure way that will guarantee you complete identity theft protection, the ones that are available will definitely protect you against being an easy target.

identity theft protection tips

identity theft protection tips

Identity Theft Protection Tips

Avoid enrolling yourself into online credit marketing lists though bureaus as they put all this information together making it quite easy for identity thieves to access them and use them fraudulently. And in case you are listed you should make an effort of asking them to remove you immediately.

Your private details can also be retrieved from your mail.

To avoid these details against falling in the wrong hands ensure you get all your letters on time from the mail box and in case you travel or will not be around you can inform the post office before hand to keep your mail for you until you return. Whenever you pay out your bills, avoid sending them from home and go directly to either the post office or the community mail box. You can also lock your mail box in order to avoid your bills being stolen and having the payee’s details changed.

When it comes to your social security card, it is always best to cram the number in order to avoid carrying the card with you in your wallet wherever you go. This wallet can easily be stolen, giving identity thieves full access to your personal details.

Another important tip is to avoid writing your number on your checks since they can easily use it to gain entry to your credit reports and bank account.

It is important for companies as well as individuals get into a habit of completely shredding any documents that may contain financial details. Some of these documents include letters from your lawyer, bank statements as well as credit card statements. They can easily access these documents from your dust bin through a practice known as dumpster diving.

Avoid throwing your receipts around, especially the ATM, credit card and receipts issued after filling your car up with gas. You cannot avoid making some payments using your credit card but whenever you give out your card to be swiped, for example at the gas station, watch the attendant keenly as they go about it. In case the swiping of the credit card is not done in full view, you are better off paying in cash.

It can also be done through what is best known as phishing; this usually occurs when a criminal approaches you by e-mail posing as a company you do business with, or have dealings with, making you less questionable since you know and trust them and will quickly issue them with all the details they require. They often ask for credit or bank account details. Avoid providing any information until you confirm they are legitimate.

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