How Can I Protect My Network By Using the Shodan Search Engine?

When you are a programmer there are several tools at your disposal but there is one important tool that every modern day programmer uses to get his work done.

Without it, it would be hard to accomplish the daily miracles that your average programmer must be able to perform.

This tool is Google.

When you are looking up how to do something and you cannot find the functionality in the documentation, then you can bet that someone else has done it before you.

So you use Google to find this information out for yourself.

This is what makes Google an invaluable tool for programmers.

Black hat hackers also use Google in the same sort of way.

When they have a problem that they need to fix, they will use Google so that they are able to see how someone else was able to do it be it scanning a certain section of network or finding a hole in a particular piece of software.

Now someone has a search engine for people who are looking for this kind of information.

use Shodan as a tool to protect your network

use Shodan as a tool to protect your network


The search engine is named Shodan and it is a perfect tool for hackers but it is made especially for people who attack networks and not all types of hackers.

But what is good for the hacker is also good for the network security guy as both will find this tool very useful.

When you visit the web site you will see several search results that have been made by other people.

Some of these results include the most popular search results on the web site at the time.

Other results that you can see on the web site include some of the saved results that people have; this may mean that they thought the information was important.

What the search engine specializes in is finding computers that are running certain software parameters that you place in the search box.

For example, if you are looking for computers that are running a certain version of Apache web server, then you can use this web site to find them.

The same thing goes with other types of parameters as well – you can craft your queries to help find a specific type of computer that you are looking for.

The site can be helpful to hackers with bad intentions but they are not the only ones.

If you are someone whose job it is to protect a corporate network then you can see if you show up on this web site or not.

Craft different search queries and see if your corporate computers actually show up.

If they do, then you can see that you may have a security issue to address – it is, of course, better for you to find it than some black hat hacker later on – you will be able to patch the hole before any attack comes.

This search engine can be a good or bad thing, depending on who is using it.

Shodan is out there on the web anyway so why not use it to your advantage?

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