How Can I Protect My Google Searches With The GoogleSharing Firefox Add-On?

Would you like to search the web using Google without letting the guys in Mountain View know what you are looking for?

If so, you need the GoogleSharing add-on for Firefox from Abine.


GoogleSharing Firefox Add-On

You can acquire this add-on by visiting Abine’s site or directly at

Either way, you’ll end up seeing a screen that looks identical to the one below:


Here you need to click on the green + Add to Firefox button.

At this point Firefox will ask you to confirm that you really do wish to install the add-on (you do!) and you will likely have to restart your browser.


When Firefox opens up again you will be presented with your normal browser window. However, if you scoll down to the bottom of the page and look to the right you’ll notice that there is a small notice there, saying Google Sharing Enabled.

Now, when you search through Google your queries will be routed via a proxy server in order to keep them private.


If you click on that notification in the bottom right of your browser then you’ll be able to enter the Settings as seen above. Here you can add or edit existing proxies.

If you wish to turn GoogleSharing off then that is incredibly easy to do – just click on that Google Sharing Enabled notification and it will be turned off.

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