How Can I Prevent Annoying Pop-Ups?

If you have ever received pop-up messages whilst you have been surfing the internet then you will know how they are just about the most annoying aspect of the internet experience.

Although a pop-up in and of itself isn’t necessarily a risk to your computer security it can pose a serious and annoying disruption to your workflow whilst browsing the web. The purpose of pop-ups is to display adverts to the recipient in order to get them to click through to their owner’s web sites.

how can you prevent pop-ups?

how can you prevent pop-ups?

Browsers attempt to block pop-ups

If you are a typical internet user then chances are you’ve already experienced pop-ups at some time in the past, or are suffering with them right now. When looking for a solution you may find that certain web browsers claim to offer a solution to the problem.

Whilst it is true that some browsers do indeed minimise the number of pop-up ads you may experience, they do not seem to be a complete solution to the problem. There is one main reason why this is so and that is spyware.

Blocking technology within a web browser can certainly block the type of pop-up ads you get purely by surfing the web but they cannot deal with the pop-ups you receive due to having spyware on your own computer.

Pop-ups and spyware

Having spyware on your computer can be almost as serious as having a virus. This is because spyware is often the cause of pop-up ads and it also tracks the user’s browsing behaviour, utilising the computer’s resources along the way.

That is why it is always highly advisable to have an antivirus program or internet security suite in place in order to block all types of spyware.

As I said earlier, pop-ups that are served by web sites can be blocked at the browser level but the majority of pop-ups are as a result of the users machine being infected by spyware. Choose a good security program and combine it with one of the better and newer browsers and you will be far less likely to see any of those annoying advertisements.

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