How Can I Maintain My Privacy By Encrypting My Laptop Data?

Even though we may try to protect ourselves, and keep our data private, there is very little that we can do via the operating system alone.

The simple fact is that the security of our computers is not at the level that it is supposed to be.

So, to compensate for that fact, we have to use separate technology that will help us raise the level of security on our system.


Using Encryption

One of the ways that we do this is by using encryption to protect our data.

So far this is the best way that we have to keep stranger’s hands off of our information.

Even though it is important that we encrypt out desktop system it is, perhaps, more vital that we do the same with the data on our laptops because, unlike the desktop, we carry our laptops around with us.

This means that at anytime they can get lost or stolen and the person that gets access to them will be able to expose all of our personal and work information.

Luckily for us there are several ways that we can encrypt our laptops to keep this from happening – we can either choose to encrypt portions of the laptop’s hard drive or encrypt the whole thing.

Encrypting just a folder will allow you to put any data that we deem to be vulnerable inside of it or we can just encrypt the entire hard drive of the laptop it is up to you how much encryption that you would like to use on the machine.

You have to remember, though, that when you put a lot of protection on the machine it makes it harder for you to get in as well – if you ever forget some of the passwords that you need to get into the machine then you could possibly be locked out and never get back in.

Encrypt A Whole Drive With Bitlocker

If you want to protect your whole hard drive, then you can use a technology such as Bitlocker that will be able to do this.

Bitlocker is a product that is created by Microsoft whose job it is to encrypt your entire hard drive.

This allows your hard drive to be protected from outside forces.

There have been security research studies that have successfully gotten past Bitlocker but they usually involve come sort of physical attack.

Nobody has been able to use a software only approach to bypass the security of Bitlocker.

Encrypt Individual Files With Truecrypt

If you want to just set certain folders or even drives on the laptop to be encrypted, you can use software such as Truecrypt to get the job done.

Truecrypt will set up the folder with a password and a level of encryption that is very hard to bypass.

It takes a lot of time and effort for someone to be able to decrypt a Truecrypt folder.

If you want to keep your laptop safe when you travel then encryption is your friend.

You do not want to take the chance of your private data being in the hands of someone else if you accidentally lose the machine.

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