How Can I Lessen The Chances Of Being A DDOS Victim?

Web attacks can come in many different forms. And if you are a person who runs a server or has a web site on one then there is a good chance that you probably already know this. This is especially true if your web site has a little bit of popularity behind it. You will find yourself running against different problems that you could possibly have by either reading about them or experiencing them for yourself. They may seem to be very complicated and very hard to pull off and in most cases they are. But not all of the best attacks are technically complicated. Some of them are very simple in nature. As a matter of fact one of the most worrisome attacks for web site owners is probably one of the most simple to pull off. The attack is called a DDOS.

How Can I Lessen The Chances Of Being A DDOS Victim?

The letters DDOS stand for Distributed Denial of Service attack. This attack means that someone is sending more traffic to your web site than it can handle. This can happen sometimes when your web site is linked from a more popular web site. But in the case of a DDOS attack this flood of traffic done on purpose. The black hat hacker who pulls off a DDOS attack is most likely using a botnet to do it. A botnet is a group of computers called zombies that have been taken over by the bad guys. Most of the time, the owner of the computer does not even know. (Is your computer part of a botnet?)

Does your web host have a DDOS policy?

There are several ways that you can handle a DDOS attack but probably the best way is to move to a server host that can handle the problem. That is why it is a good idea to ask your host what their policy is on DDOS attacks and whether they implement any security measures to mitigate the risk of them occurring. You want to find out if they have dealt with them in the past and how they fared against them. If you do not believe their interpretation of events then go online and Google for yourself. See if there are any complaints against the web host. If you are satisfied that they can handle this problem if it arises for your site then you should go ahead and do business with them.

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