How Can I Find Hidden Information About Someone On The Web?

For the most part, if you do any kind of search to find out information on a person, you use Google. Google is used so much to be able to find information about another person that there is even slang for people to “Google me”.

When women are going out on a date with a man that they just met, the standard routine these days is for them to do a background check on the person using Google. It is done so much that it is considered the normal way to operate now.

But a lot of people do not realize that Google is not the only place to find out information about a person. There are other places that you can search as well. In this article I will give you a couple of other places that you can use to search for information about a person. Google will give you a lot of information but even they do not index everything that is online.


Alternatives To Google

One of the first places that you can look and find out information about a person that may be hidden through using Google is other search engines that are online. Even though people may not think so, each search engine has a different index than the others. They may seem like they have similar results but if you dig down deeper than the first page you will start to see that the results can be completely different on each search engine that you use.

This is why Google is considered one of the best search engines out there because, arguably, they are able to get better results that anyone else. Other alternative search engines that you can use to accomplish this include Yahoo, Bing, Wolfram, Ask, and many others.

Online Government Databases

Another way to find out hidden information about a person is to go to some of the online government databases that they have out there.

There is a tendency for people to forget that most of the records that the government has about you are in the form of public records. This includes your mortgage, court cases, and other such information.

If you are trying to find out information that is not normally found on Google, then government databases are the best bet. They hold a lot more information than people think they do.

Social Networks

Over recent years social networks have become one of the primary ways in which people share information about a wide range of topics, including their private lives. Many of these people don’t heed the warnings and go ahead and update the world about every little thing that happens in their lives, include information they really shouldn’t share.

If you, like many potential employers these days, want to find out more about someone then a social site such as Facebook or Twitter may reveal far more about that person that you could ever imagine.

White Pages

And the last way that you can find out information on a person that might be hidden in a normal search engine is through the use of one the many white pages sites that are out there.

This may not give you as much information as the other sources that we listed but you will be able to get a good past history of where the person lived at and some of their relatives. White pages web sites have older databases, so you will be able to find out a lot of good past information about the person.

If you are looking up information about yourself or others then Google should be your starting point but not the only tool that you use. There are many other ways to be able to find out information about a person. Use them all to your advantage.

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