How Can I Enhance My Security By Using Portable Apps?

When you download or buy a new program to use on your computer you are used to doing one thing.

That is, installing it onto your system.

If you are a Windows user then you are used to seeing a wizard that pops up and gives you the different choices of how you want to install the program.

When you install a program in this way you are putting the main executable file in a certain folder and you are placing resources that the program needs in different parts of the computer.

You may even change the computer’s registry with the program that you install as well.

Sometimes you want to use these same programs on another person’s computer but you may not be sure of how safe their system is.

Luckily for you, there is a way to get around this limitation by using what is known as portable apps.

What Is A Portable App?

So the question that we have is what is a portable app?

As I said earlier, most of the time when you use a program you must install it into the operating system.

With a portable app, you can use it right out of the box.

All the files and resources that it needs are already in the folder that the executable file is in so all you need to do is to double click the file and it will run.

Most of the time people who use portable apps keep them on a USB thumb drive.

This way they can use them at a moments notice on any system.

Portable apps started as a small project for a number of white hat hackers but it has become popular in certain circles as a great security measure.

Why Is This Method More Secure?

When you use a program such as a browser it will sometimes store the data that you create while you are using it.

This is why you are able to use the history features of a browser.

It stores the past web sites that you have been to but if you are on someone else’s computer, you do not want this data stored on there.

If you used the normal installed version of the program the data would be stored on their system.

With a portable app the data is stored on your USB thumb drive.

When you take the drive out the data goes with you.

The browser is one example but there are many other programs that you enjoy with this same affect.

So, by using portable apps, your data would be safely secured on the USB thumb drive and not on the foreign system.

The amount of portable apps has been increasing over time and people who worry about their security are starting to use them more and more.

Most of the portable apps that you can get out there are from open sourced projects but there are not so legal versions of closed sourced portable apps as well.

If you are a person that finds yourself using another person’s computers all of the time then this is a solution that you might want to use.

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