How Can I Encrypt My USB Memory Stick?

Losing a memory stick with important or sensitive data on it would be a disaster. Just ask any British politician or MOD official. But you can mitigate the potential damage by ensuring that any data you have on your USB drive is encrypted. Some important figures in society could learn from that.

One such solution that is available to you comes from Rohos Mini Drive.

Rohos mini drive

One of the best things about Rohos Mini Drive is the fact that they offer a free version if you are looking to encrypt 2GB or less of data.

There are various benefits of using this product:

  • Creates an encrypted partition on a USB or Hard Drive
  • The encrypted partition is password protected
  • NIST compliant encryption standards
  • AES 256 bit key length
  • Free version can be used for up to 2GB of encrypted space.
Rohos drive encryption
Not only that, its dead easy to use as well so why not give it a try: Rohos Mini Drive
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