How Can I Disable Window’s Autorun With BitDefender USB Immunizer?

Have you ever noticed how, when you connect an external drive to your computer, something on it invariably starts running without you doing anything? Even if a program doesn’t start the chances are good that a file menu has appeared at the very least. This is due to a feature within the Windows operating system known as ‘Autorun’.

At first look it would appear to be a handy feature to have, saving you a few seconds every time you connect an external hard drive, USB stick or similar.

The risks, however, may make it a feature you would rather do without. I believe many security experts would agree that autorun is one of the most exploited means of getting malware, such as Conficker, onto computers. One of the easiest and free solutions to this problem is a handy little tool (about 1 megabyte zipped) from BitDefender which will disable autorun for you.

BitDefender Immunizer

Once you have downloaded the zipped file you simply need to extract it and a new folder will be created with an executable file inside, as seen in the image below. Double click on that and you will be presented with the screen you can see above.

BitDefender USB Immunizer

From here you can select any removable drives you currently have attached to your system from the drop down box. Then click on the ‘IMMUNIZE’ button which will create an Autorun.inf folder on the target drive. This small file will prevent any malware that gets onto the drive from automatically running when you plug it into any PC. This autorun.inf file will also make itself difficult, maybe impossible, to be overwritten by any other program, thereby preventing any malware from deleting or altering it.

Click on this link to download: BitDefender USB Immunizer from Softpedia.

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