How Can I Control The Security Of My Home Network From My Android Based Phone?

When we use our mobile phones today we have to be honest with ourselves; we expect them to do almost everything that a computer can do. Sure we do not expect them to edit Photoshop files or create 3D graphics. We do not even expect them to play the latest and greatest video games that are on the market. But the one thing that we do expect from them is to be able to do the simple things. We want to be able to open and edit a word document. We want it to be able to play music and video files. We may even want it to play a lesser form of video games. But sometimes even with all of these expectations we are still surprised at some of the things that the modern day mobile phone can do. One of the things that a smart phone can do is to control and secure your home network. In this article I will talk about this feature so that you can get a good idea on how this works.


Checking your home network without any extra software

The first thing that I am going to talk about is how you can check or control your home network without any extra software that you would have to download from the app store. Sometimes you need to find the SSID of your network or just check to see if anyone is able to log in any time that they want to. You can prevent this from happening by using your phone and trying to use the WIFI features that are available to you. It will tell you what kind of security that you have and whether or not you are able to bypass it. If your phone is able to log in without any assistance from you then your security is lacking.

If you are running a VPN, also known as a Virtual Private Network, on your home system then you can log into that as well with the basic settings of your phone. This is a great way to access your home network when you are in a remote place. It allows the connection to be safe and secure. When security experts talk about logging into a remote network that you do not trust they will usually tell you to both make sure that you use HTTPS and also that you use a VPN as well.

These are all of the basic things that you can do with your home network from the phone without any extra software being installed. Now let’s see what you can do with extra software from the app store.

Using the Android app store to both control and secure your home network

There are some apps that you can use the will help you secure your home network and there are some apps that will help you just control your home network while you are not around. Either way you are going to need both types to make sure that you have a complete home networking system. There are many apps that fit under both categories but I will only highlight a few for the sake of this article.

To make sure that the WIFI of your home network is at top quality there is an app that is called WIFI analyzer in the app store. While the technique that I talked about earlier is sufficient, if you really want to know what is going on in your home network then this is the app to choose. It gives you a lot more details then the base Android configuration. If you see anything wrong when you are using this app then you can quickly go change your networks settings.

Another app that you should take a look at is Android VNC. This app will allow you to create a virtual network connection which will not only allow you to control the network but your whole computer from your phone. You might need to open ports on your network or a number of other things. This application will allow you to do so from your phone no matter where you are at. It does this by showing you your computer desktop and allowing you to control it. It is a great application and you will probably use it more than just for your home network.

And the last app that we will talk about is the IP cam Viewer. When you have a home network sometimes you might use it for physical security as well. You will connect a camera to the network that will allow you to view the outside of your house. This software allows you to view those same cameras from your phone. You will love being able to check your home perimeter no matter where you are at in the house. Remember, physical security of the network is just as important as digital security.

When you are looking to secure your home network from a remote area then using your Android based phone is a great way to go.

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