How Can I Choose A Completely Safe BitTorrent Client?

Even though the standard has been around for almost nine years, the world of BitTorrents is still a mysterious thing to a lot of people.

When it comes to downloading files off of the internet, most people still use the traditional way of going to a web site and just downloading the file like they would normally do.

Some people who may be a little more technically inclined may use one of the file sharing services like Kazaa to download files off of the net.

But if you are a person that really knows computers then there are two ways that you are going to go – either use the Usenet service that has been around for ages or use bittorrent.

Going Underground

Even though bittorrent still remains somewhat an underground phenomenon, it is still popular enough that people make many versions of the client.

Since the bittorrent client is an open protocol, anyone who feels like it can make their own version of it and can build it and use it themselves.

Software and protocols being open like this is usually a good thing but there have been some bad guys that have tried to take advantage of this.

They have created their own version of a bittorrent client and use it to spread malware to unsuspecting users’ computers.

The tainted software does this by either pretending to be a real client when it isn’t, or it is a real client but it sends unauthorized downloads to your computer.

Either way, both of these tricks can give a new user to bittorrent a bad impression about the software and the overall community itself.

So, to make sure that you download a client that is safe, here is what you should do –

The first thing that you can do to make sure that your client is safe is to go to a site that is well known and retrieve the client from there.

If you look at a web site such as or any other like that, you will find dozens of bittorrent clients waiting to be downloaded.

This way you know the software is safe and has been tested.

Peer Recommendations

Another thing that you can do is to go and visit some forums to see what clients they are using.

Ask the people for a link and you will surely be able to come up with a decent client to use.

Once you start trying to find out what client you want to use, you will hear certain names that come up over and over again.

Try a couple of these clients and see which one that you like the best.

When a new person is entering the world of downloading torrents there is a steep learning curve to get past.

Learning how to pick a safe client to use should not be on that list.

Once you have a client remember also that there are some dangers inherent in downloading torrents.

About Lee Munson

Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. AgreesWithWhat says:

    I agree with what! If you found this in a google search for “safest torrent client” or similar, disregard everything, the same applies to everyone else. The protocol is open and as a result is open to abuse. Abuse of the protocol is quite easy and here a drunk guy does it:
    I am still on my search for a client that truly provides anonymity. i will post back when I am done. Oh, I think transmission has the use of encrypted torrents on as default, but I am struggling to find a windows build that is suitable.

  2. Lee, your article is excellent.
    Another thing to consider with BT use is security. I have found that Peerblock, used with Malware Bytes Anti-malware (paid version) will block more than a billion questionable sites.
    A cheap ($5. per month) PPTP vpn proxy will help to keep anonimity. Open vpn is better but more expensive.
    Use extream caution dowwnloading rar./zip files. It is too easy to add malware to them.
    Reading feedback from previous downloaders will indicate if the torrent is good to begin with. Find a few good sites TPB,( if you can get in) etc, and read and post feedback!
    FYI, I use Bittorrent/utorrent.

  3. dont mind that idiot above, the post is useful and thanks for sharing it. I dont know much about torrents myself or the best approach for file sharing but reading your post was very useful


  4. This is possibly the most worthless article I have ever read on the internet. Your recommendation on how to pick a safe bittorrent client is to go to “internet forums” and ask for recommendations??? Are you kidding me? You don’t even recommend a good forum to go to, much less actual advice on how to really tell if a client is safe or not. Could you be any more worthless?


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