How Can I Check What My Child Is Doing On Their Computer?

When we allow our children to use the computer, we are putting a lot of faith into them. Even though you may try to monitor your child while they surf the web you cannot be there all of the time and being there all of the time is what it would take to make sure that they do not stray across any lines that you would not like them to.

What are your kids doing on their computers?

There is a lot of software that is available out on the market right now that will help you monitor your child or teenager as they surf the web but the problem with that is the older they get, the easier it is for them to bypass it. It does not take much computer knowledge for someone to go on the internet and figure out how to turn software such as this off so you must be able to find other ways to see if your child is up to no good while they surf the internet. I will give you several examples on how you can do this.

Checking Browser History

The first example is very simple but a lot of people who use the computer do not know that you can do this. The basics of this example are to check the history of the browser that your child uses.

Whenever you surf a web site the browser tracks where you have been and saves it for a certain amount of time. Finally after this time is up, it will erase the information. This usually happens after about a month or so. So, before that happens, check to see where your child has been at.

All you have to do is to click on the name of the site in the history panel and you will be able to travel the same places that they have. If there is anything that you would have to be concerned about, it would show up on there. Anything that you have a question about, you can just ask your kids.

They will most likely be surprised that you know about it and will be too paranoid to go to that site again.

Check Your Browser’s Password Manager

Another way that you can see what sites your child has visited that may be filled with illegal activity or dubious content is to check the password manager of the browser. When you surf a web site and they ask you to log in a lot of times your browser will ask you if you want to save the password. If you child says yes, then you can see which sites that they have accounts at. This trick may only work a few times since your child may become wise on how you found out the site that they were visiting and will decline to save their passwords in the future.

If you want to stop your kids from going to any of the sites that you saw listed, there are a couple of ways to do it. As I said earlier in the article, you can buy software that will allow you to do this but they may be able to easily bypass it. A better idea may be to go inside of the router’s administrative panel and block the site from there. They most likely will not know how the router works and it will take them a long time to figure it out.

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