How Can I Camouflage My Secret Folders With Disguise Folders v1.0?

Have you got folders on your Windows 7 computer that you’d like to disguise in order to keep prying eyes away from them?

I thought so.

Here is an ingenious way of hiding your sensitive folders in plain sight by making them look like something else.

Hide that folder full of porn distros

The first thing you need to do is get the application from The Windows Club.

Once you’ve downloaded the .zip and extracted it you’ll need to double click on the application to get started.

run application

Running the application will open the program which looks thus:

Disguise Folders

Proceeding from this point is very easy indeed.

Firstly you will need to choose which folder you wish to disguise. Click on the Disguise folder button and navigate to that folder.

choose folder

Now choose the type of disguise that you wish to apply to that folder. My personal favourite is highlighted below – the Recycle Bin!

choose camoflague

Lastly, click that Disguise Now button.

disguise that folder

And that really is all you need to do.

If you scroll up the page a bit you’ll note that I chose to disguise a new folder on G: (a USB drive). Navigating to that location, I was presented with the following:

disguised folder

which quite clearly shows that the folder in question was now masquerading as a Recycle Bin. In this instance, clicking on the icon will actually take you to the recycle bin as well! (I’ve noticed this isn’t the case with every disguise so check them all out before choosing the one you’ll use long-term).

Recover that disguised folder

Whenever you need to ‘undisguise’ a folder that you’ve previously used this application on you’ll find that is¬†remarkably¬†easy too.

recover disguised folder

Simply click on the Recover folder button and navigate to the folder you wish to reset. Now remember to give the folder a name (this can be anything, you don’t have to remember what it was called in the past). Now click on Recover now and the folder will be back without any camouflage.

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