How Can I Burn An ISO Image To Disk?

In a couple of days I’ve got a post appearing about how to use Kaspersky’s Rescue Disk 10. As part of the installation you will need to burn an ISO image to disk. This got me thinking about how many people I know who don’t know how to do that so this guide is for them.

Slysoft CloneDrive

There are many tools that you can use for mounting ISOs and many of those are free. The one I use is Virtual CloneDrive from Slysoft and this guide is specific to that program…

Firstly, you will need to download the program (its freeware). This will put an executable setup file onto your computer. Run the setup file and you will get a nice new sheep like icon on your desktop. Click on this to open the program:


Here you have a few options you can play with such as the number of drives. Of course one drive is sufficient for what we are doing here so you can leave it as is.

Now you will want to find the ISO you wish to mount which, for the purposes of this guide, is Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10. Right click on that file and choose the Mount option which will look something like the screenshot below:

mount ISO

You know have a virtual CD copy of your ISO which you can access via Start > Computer > your virtual CD drive:

virtual CD

Double clicking on this CD will open up the drive and show the files that were within the ISO. Sometimes this may be all you need to do and you can then run the program from the virtual CD drive. In this instance, however, we are making a rescue disk so we need to copy the files onto either a CD, DVD or USB stick. This can be achieved by simply selecting all the files and dragging them to the target drive.

burn files

If you look at the image above you’ll see a link I’ve highlighted called Burn. Click on this and follow the simple instructions to burn the files you’ve copied across to a CD or DVD. If you wish to run the Rescue Disk off a USB stick then simply drag them across from the virtual CD drive to the USB stick as you can see I’ve done above.

Any questions?

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