How Can I Avoid A Health Scam?

Every year people try to improve their health but they need to be careful because scammers know just how lucrative the health and wellness market is.

It doesn’t matter what people are trying to do to improve their health, theres always someone who can promise them a miracle in exchange for their money, be it to help them quit smoking, lose weight, fight AIDS or find cheap gym equipment.


The following information may help you avoid such tricksters though –

Talk To Your Doctor

Before purchasing any health-related products it would be prudent to talk to a health professional!

Your doctor can advise you about vitamins and the benefits they may or may not confer.

They can examine the ingredients in pills you have been offered in order to ascertain if they will do what they say they will, or if they will in fact pose a danger to your health.

If you are thinking of joining a health club or gym then your doctor can go through any plans you’ve been given and can then advise if they are suitable for someone with your unique medical history.

Massages And Cellulite Creams

Massages are always nice (if you’re getting them from the right person!) but they, along with cellulite creams and other quirky fixes, are not going to help you lose weight.

If you want to shed a few pounds then there are only 3 ways that you are likely to do it – exercise more, eat less, both.

In any event, you probably ought to consult your doctor before embarking on any kind of weight loss program anyway.

Food Labels

These days most products have food labels on them that give information about the fat content, calories, etc that they contain but do you know what it all means?

Just because a particular ready meal is low on calories it doesn’t mean that it will fill you up or be suitable for a balanced diet.

If something says it is low in fat do you know what that means?

Just because product A has less fat that product B, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is healthy to eat it.

Miracle Cures

Cancer and AIDS are both devastating and crippling conditions and neither have a cure.

If someone tells you they can cure such a devastating disease then walk away.


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