How Can Git Help You In The Computer Security Field?

When you work in the computer security field there are a lot of tools that you are going to use to get your job done. And the tools that you use may even surprise some people. Depending on the type of computer security that you do, the tools can range from very deep analysis tools to a simple word editor to take notes with. The tool that I am going to talk about right now in this article is one that is known as Git. If you are a programmer then you are probably already familiar with Git or at least heard the name before. But if you work in the computer security field you may or may not have heard of Git and the job that it does.

How Can Git Help You In The Computer Security Field?

What is GIT?

The software known as GIT is what is called version control software. This means that you are able to keep tabs of the changes that you make on a file. For example, just think about when you use Microsoft Word. If you make a mistake then you are able to back track by hitting the back button. You are able to do this because the Word software keeps track of the last version of the file that you made. This is the same thing that happens with version control software. But instead of hitting the back button, you are able to split off from the version of the file that you are working on at the time and start a whole new version. And any changes that you make in the new version of the file can be merged into the old version to create a brand new version.

Using Git for security

Now some people might be thinking how does a program like this help when it comes to computer security? Sure they may be able to see why it is good in other areas but why is it good when it comes to the security of someone’s computer? Well there are a couple of ways that this software can be used. And that is what I am going to talk about here. How you can use Git in the computer security world.

Using Git for taking notes

When you work in the field of computer security then the one thing that you will learn early on is that you are going to have to take a lot of notes. There is no way to get around it, there is going to be too much for you to remember to be able to keep it all in your head. For most people in the field they keep their notes in a software program like Microsoft Word or One Note. While those are solutions to the problem they are not the only ones. They are probably not even the most optimal solutions when it comes to security. The notes that you take when it comes to computer security are always changing. You will have to make revisions because there might be something new that you run across that you did not notice before. With Git you can easily use the merge function to be able to change any parts of the notes that you need to. This will also allow you to keep an old version of the notes around just in case you need to look at them again or you made a mistake.

Using GIT for software security patches

When you hear about Git most of the time it is used by programmers for their work. Well a lot of computer security also has to do with programming. Depending on what part of the computer security field you are in will all factor on how much programming that you do. If you are in the sections like reverse engineering then there is a good chance that you are going to do a lot of programming. This will include making your own tools and patching security holes in software. You will also be doing a lot of proof of concept vulnerability coding. That means if you find vulnerability in a section of the software that you are analyzing then you create the code that will be able to exploit it. This way you can see how dangerous the vulnerability really is.

If you are going to be programming that much then it only makes sense to use Git. It is one of the most heavily used tools in a programmer’s arsenal. It will help you a lot and you will find that your workload will decrease by half.

If you are in the computer security field and you are looking to add a tool that will help you in your work then take a look at GIT.

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