How Can Clicking The Wrong .exe File In Windows 7 Render My Internet Connection Useless?

When you use the internet there are so many things that can go wrong that it is sometimes easy for you to forget about being safe and just surf the internet with reckless abandonment.

Nobody likes having their guard up all of the time, especially when most of the time that you are web surfing, nothing happens.

But it is that one percent of the time that you should be worried about.

You do not want to spend many dollars and hours trying to fix your machine when, if you just took a little caution in the beginning, you could have prevented the problem.

One of the problems on the internet that can cause you a lot of trouble is clicking on the wrong .exe file.

These types of files are helpful most of the time but in rare cases can cause your computer to do strange things.

In some instances they can even prevent you from going on the internet.


What Is A .exe File?

Before I give you explanation on how the file can keep you off of the internet I will show you what an .exe file is and how you use it on a regular basis.

A .exe file is short for an executable file.

Whenever you click on a program to run it on Windows 7 you are clicking on a .exe file.

It is the main file that makes a program run so everything that you use on a Windows 7 system originates as a .exe file.

A virus or another piece malware is nothing more than a .exe file that has been created for wrongdoing.

This is why you must be sure that the .exe file that you are clicking on comes from a trusted place.

If it doesn’t then it can start to do horrible things to your system.

Why Will It Stop My Internet Connection?

The reason why a rogue .exe file will stop your internet connection is because someone created it to do so.

They did this because they do not want you to be able to get help to clear their malware off of your system.

If you are able to log on to the internet you would be able to download tools that would help you get it off.

By them stopping you from being able to log on that is no longer the case.

This way you will click the software that they want you to and then it will seem like your internet connection is working again.

That is not the case – you have just downloaded something worse and then the internet connection will die again.

How Can I Prevent This From Happening To Me?

If you ever see the pop up that tells you that your computer is messing up and you need to download a certain piece of software to stop it, do not do it.

This is a trick to get to you to install a fake antivirus program and that is exactly what they want you to do.

Also, make sure that you scan any .exe file that you download onto your system.

Unless the malware is brand new, this will stop most threats right away.

The .exe files are needed on a Windows 7 system but they can be dangerous as well.

Make sure that you take heed when you download one onto your system.

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