How Can Applications With Geo Locator Capabilities Put My Security At Risk?

We are a generation of people that are always turned on.

When the Internet was first invented it’s main purpose was to allow people to be able to communicate over vast distances easily.

There was no way to be able to tell how much we really were going to stay in communication with one another.

With the advent of easy to carry laptops, smartphones and other portable devices that we carry around with us, we are in constant connection with a form of network of some kind.

Location Reporting

There are a new breed of applications that are taking advantage of this fact.

The main feature of these apps are to be able to report the location of the user.

While this may be a useful tool, there are security implications that can involved.

There are many types of application that use this sort of technology.

It has spread to a lot of different types of devices.

It has reach the automobile by the use of the GPS system.

It is also on the cell phone and computer through the use of map applications and certain games.

The Mayor Of Foursquare

There is a game that people play on their cell phones now that is called foursquare.

This game reports your position on where you have visited in a certain city.

Once you have been in a place long enough, you become the mayor of that location.

After you become mayor, your position is blasted to other people that are using the service.

If you just go to their home page, you will see on the front, the location of random people scrolling down the screen.

This information being on public display can leave you very insecure.

There are several security implications that go with Geo applications.

If somebody is trying to target you for some sort of crime, then getting real time information about your whereabouts is their dream piece of information.

Once a person learns your patterns, it is easy to be able to target you.

Real Time Information

Also real time location information allows an attacker to be able to piece information about you together so that they can get an attack ready.

Your location plus, lets say for example, your basic facebook data is all that an attacker would ever need to be able to commit forgery against you.

There are a lot more examples that I could give on how this type of data leaves a person vulnerable.

If you are aware of the risk that this information giving can contain, then you should be relatively secure.

Make sure that you do not leave enough clues to be able to track any vital information about you.

If a hacker is targeting you, then they will get the information anyway, just don’t make it easy for them.

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