How Automatic Browser Updating Is Making Your System A Lot Safer

As humans our memory sometimes is not as good as we think that it is. We tend to admit that our memory may be lacking in some areas and not in others. We hate to be reminded that we do not know everything and one of the prime examples of that is the state of our memory. This is why, recently, we have seen a lot more software companies start to make the software that they release automatically update without you knowing about it.

How Automatic Browser Updating Is Making Your System A Lot Safer

There have been too many times where we have seen people and systems targeted because they were using an old outdated version of some vulnerable software. It does not matter if you fix the problem on a later release when tons of people are still using the older version. People forget that when they run software that they must be aware of updating it at all times. When there is a new release of the software that you are using then you must be ready to update. It is a serious security concern that can be bypassed very easily by making sure that everything is updated. With the new way of automatically updating software you no longer have to worry about your memory being the problem. Your system will stay secure without any help from you.

Broken updates

But memory is not the only factor which causes people not to update their software as often as they should. There are also many people who do not like to update their software because they are aware that sometimes an update will break their existing configuration. And this happens a lot. When you have your software set up the way that you want it and the new version messes everything up, then you are going to be cautious the next time that there is a software update. You do not want to go through the pain and the struggle once again of having to try and fix everything. But these days most of the software updates, from reputable companies, are not going to break the set up that you have already. Most of the updates these days are known as incremental and are only being issued to fix smaller problems in the software. When the time for a big update comes along then that is when you are going to have to worry about the update breaking your software.

But you must be ready to update your software these days, especially the incremental versions. This is the only way that you are going to be able to keep your software and the system that you are using safe. The incremental updates that we talked about earlier in the article are mostly security release updates. And if you are not following instructions and issuing these updates to your system then you will find that you are vulnerable to all types of bad guys on the internet.

Browser updates

While automatically updating computer software has been around for a long time, it is now starting to be pressed more serious than it has been in the past. This is because the security of both the software itself and the actual system is in more jeopardy than it has been in the past. Software developers have to really put some serious thought into keeping their end users safe. Where you are seeing software automatic updating being taken really seriously is in the realm of internet browsers. Internet browsers are your gateway to the internet and they are on the front lines of some of the many dangers that you may encounter from there. That is why it is a big deal that they are as secure as they can be. If your front line has a lot of pores in it then that is going to make it a lot more difficult for the systems that are behind the scenes.

The first browser that we saw implement this kind of policy was the Chrome browser. While the Chrome browser is sparse for the most part, it attracted a lot of people to it because it is fast. And it is considered the safest browser because of the way that it handles security updates. Mozilla, seeing the positives in the direction that the Chrome team had taken, decided to make Firefox an automatically updating browser as well. And now we are starting to see the security problems decrease in Firefox as well. And now that the strategy has been so successful, Microsoft is going to make internet explorer do the same thing as well. So many developers as well as security researchers have had so many problems with older versions of Internet explorer still being used that this is a welcomed development.

Automatic updating has both a good side and a bad side. But I believe that we will see a lot more good come out of it than bad.

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