How Are Hackers Using Fake Gift Cards To Gather Your Personal Information?

The most popular gift to give in the Christmas season that just past us was gift cards and they are likely to be equally popular this year too; they are probably the world’s simplest gift.

People that give them and the people that receive them just love the ease of use factor that they provide.

You do not have to worry about picking the exact perfect gift that the person would want and they do not have to worry about you giving them a crappy gift.

It is a win for both parties.


Gift Cards And Hackers

But since the use of gift cards is on the rise, there are black hat hackers that have taken notice.

They are now using fake gift cards as part of their schemes to be able to get money away from you.

Just like anything else that is online, you have to be careful when you are signing up for a gift card.

You have to make sure that it is not a scam.

Most of the gift card scams that are out there now come in two different flavors.

The first flavor is that they are having you purchase a gift card but the web site is a phony.

This means that they take your credit card information and deliver no product or they are having you go to a contest that is offering a free gift card as long as you go to their web site and sign up for it.

The first option has been used but not as extensively as the second option.

Trying to get someone to buy a fake gift card is a lot more difficult than having them put their personal information into a fake web site.

Before someone will purchase an item on the web, they will actually do research a lot of the times.

This is why sites like these get shut down on a regular basis.

People report them as being frauds and then the Feds are able to step in.

But if the web site is offering a gift card as part of a prize, then people will have no problem putting down their information.

This is especially true when you offer something that is really what the person wants.

They will let their desire for the item outweigh the little voice in the back of their head that is there telling them that something is wrong.

They see what they want and that is all that they can think about.

Even if they are only asking for your first name and your email that is too much information to give them without doing a background check on the contest first.

People always complain about the amount of spam that they get but this is how it originates.

If you are surfing the internet and you see a gift card that is available, then you should do a background check with the company that is supposedly offering it first.

There are a lot of scams of this nature that is going around the internet, especially at this time of year, and you do not want to be caught in the trap.

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