How Are Hackers Promoting Phishing Sites Via YouTube?

I would find it hard to believe that there is someone in this world that didn’t like watching videos on YouTube.

Of course I am just joking.

I’m sure there are many people who do not enjoy YouTube but the fact is, there are millions of people a day who go on to the site and enjoy their favorite videos.

There are many different videos that people can watch.


Trouble In Paradise

Some of the videos consist of goofy stuff like cats falling down and things of that nature, other videos are educational and seek to supplement your learning with something new but there is the potential for trouble in paradise when it comes to viewing videos on YouTube – some of the videos contain links to harmful information that will hurt your computer if you follow them.

Hackers have figured out that they can make videos and have people visit their malware ridden sites.

This is not good news for anyone.

There is so much information on YouTube that it is hard to try and vet all of it.

The best that you can do is to look for signs of foul play.

I will show you some signs later on in the article to look out for but for right now I will explain how these scams operate.

The first thing that the hackers do is to create a web site that has either an exploit or will try to get personal data out of you.

After the web site is up they then create a video to put on YouTube.

The video contains fake information that will try to get you to go to the site.

The information will either promise to show you how to make quick money or anything else that might catch your interest.

They might only send you to a site that only asks that you create an account.

They know that this account may be a throw away for you, so for you it doesn’t matter.

They want the username and password that you use in hopes that you used it on another site.

That’s why you should never use the same password on two different sites.

So as you can see, if you do not have your guard up, online videos can lead to a whole load of trouble.

As I said earlier, there are a few signs that you can watch for.

If you keep an eye out you can make sure that you or your family members do not get scammed.

The first thing to look out for is the age of the account – Youtube will quickly ban people who are doing wrong on the service but the people only hurry to try and make a new one – so if the account is new, make sure you are careful about any site that it is telling you to go to.

Also, before you go to any site that seems suspicious, do a Google check; go to Google, type the site’s name in and check the cache.

This way you will know if something is wrong or not.

Black Hat hackers have been using YouTube to find new victims for a while now.

YouTube do a grand job of trying to stop the problem but they can’t be everywhere at once so you have to make sure that you do not get caught by it.

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