How Are Hackers Becoming More Organised And Efficient In Their Attacks?

When you are involved in the world of software development you pick up a few things that will help you work more efficiently.

You start to learn how to work in teams and how to test your programs to make sure that everything is working correctly.

As it turns out, black hat hackers are utilizing these same techniques more and more so that they can make their crimes run more smoothly.

If it works in the corporate office, why not use it in the field of what I like to call “the dark arts”?

To a black hat hacker, ripping people off is his job, and he wants to make sure that he does it to the best of his abilities.

hacking efficiency

hacking efficiency

Organised Hackers

There are a bunch of tools that are out right now that will help a hacker be able to do this.

A lot of these tools are open sourced so there is no need to use a tool that would be considered a warez program.

These are legitimate tools just being used by the bad guys.

Correct software building is being practiced everywhere, including the criminal underground.

The one thing that is being talked about more in the black hat hacker circles are tools that will let the teams of hackers collaborate.

And when I talk about collaborating I am not just talking about using their instant messenger or IRC and discussing what they are going to do, I am talking about using open sourced tools that allow coders to be able to edit the same code that the other is working on.

This allows the black hat hackers to get involved in such software practices as agile development with each other.

This is the same methodology that they use in the corporate world.

Code sharing is not the only thing that they are doing together to make sure their attacks are more effective.

They are also using Unit testing theories as well.

This is less of a surprise since most programmers are starting to integrate Unit testing into their everyday practice but when people think of hacks and hackers, they usually think of someone who just wants the code to work, not someone who is trying to make the process of developing code more efficient.

As I said earlier, creating code that will hurt other peoples computer or their wallet is becoming big business and they want to make sure that they do it right.

Of course they are still collaborating with the old school tools as well.

This includes IRC and other chat clients.

But at the same time, they are working more like a corporate team just like they would at the office.

This can be bad news for people that are trying to protect their computer.

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