Hotels And Hackers – What Do You Need To Know?

Black hat and white hat hackers all know about the different targets that the black hats like to hit.

There are some places that are easier to hit than others.

When you are talking about hacking on the web one of the favorite places to go is social media web sites.

There is a large target base and they are mostly people who are not what you would call web savvy – it is easier to lay out  attacks on a group like this.

In real life, a place that hackers like to hit at is hotels.

Hotels are a beacon of financial transactions and there are plenty of ways that a smart hacker can take advantage of the situation.

In this article I will talk about what is at risk when you go to a hotel.

credit cards are a juicy target

credit cards are a juicy target

Credit Cards Are Popular In Hotels

When you are at a hotel the item that hackers are after the most is your credit card number.

You use your credit card so many times when you are at a place like this that you can easily slip up and have someone get the number.

They must do it smoothly because if you know that someone might have gotten the number you will just call for a new credit card and the number will be useless so they will do things like use a fake scanner when you are at the hotel restaurant or use a Wi Fi scanner to pick up the data that is being transmitted by the credit card machine.

A lot of these machines are wireless and the places that use them do not bother to secure them.

If you are using your debit card at some of the ATM machines that are there you must be careful as well.

There is a piece of equipment that black hat hackers can use to put on the ATM machine that makes it look normal but in reality it will steal your data.

The piece looks just like a normal extension but it is actually a second data reader.

So, instead of swiping your card in one reader, you are swiping it in two.

This can happen in more than just a hotel but it happens a lot in them.

Your Wi Fi Access

Even when you are not using your credit card at the hotel for it to be exposed there is still another place where they can get your information.

Most people, when they go to a hotel, will use the hotel’s Wi Fi hotspot to get internet access.

Black hat hackers are able to intercept data on here as well.

There are plenty of programs that will allow them to sniff the data traffic that is going over the network and use it to their advantage.

When you are at a hotel you must be careful when it comes to your data.

The bad guys are there lurking, waiting for you to slip up.

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