The Hotel Work Scam

Usually, those criminals behind the majority of email scams will blindly send out emails to everyone on their mailing list.

If they ever target specific groups of people then it is obviously in their best interests to go for those they expect to have the most money.


However, with the hotel work scam they generally reverse this and try to target those who are less well off, i.e. those who are desperate for work.

Targeting regions such as Africa and Asia, the hotel work scam begins with an email from someone who ‘works in a hotel’ or ‘represents one’.

They will tell their victim that the hotel is currently hiring staff and even conduct an online interview.

One way to tell that this is a scam is from the fact that the ‘interview’ questions are so easy to understand… after all, the scammer definitely wants everyone to be offered the ‘job’!

On completion of this interview the (lucky?) candidate will be referred to an immigration officer who will be able to prepare and formalise all the paperwork required to enter the country, typically Canada, in order to commence the new job.

This immigration officer will require all the victim’s personal data, including name, age, date of birth and social security number.

They may even attempt to phish their bank details from them too.

What’s more, they will then try to extract money up front to pay for the legal expenses, visas and anything else they think they can charge for.

In reality, the job never existed – this is just a scam to gain a quick buck and personal data that could be used for identity theft.

Typically, the scammer is based in Nigeria or some other scamming haven and is nowhere near Canada or wherever the job has been advertised.

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