Hotel Locks Are The New Frontier When It Comes To Hacking

Humans are people who usually like to travel. For most of us it is in our blood. For years humans migrated all over the earth and that is how different parts of the planet became populated. We would travel all around, exploring the different parts of the world and then finally we would choose a place to settle down. The place that we finally would choose to settle down at would either be one that was of our liking or one that would provide us with the resources that we needed to survive. That is how we have always been and it does not look like it is going to change anytime soon. Being a species that travels a lot is how we learn and the day that we stop traveling is the day that we become stagnant as a species. Even if you have video and the internet to see different parts of the world that is still not a replacement for actually traveling the world and being able to discover things that way.


As a matter of fact because it is so much easier to travel these days means that there should be less of an excuse for people not to. You should at least leave your country one time in your life so that you can see how the other half lives. We have airplanes to go overseas and cars that will let you travel to countries that are touching your borders. And no matter where you go you will have somewhere to stay because hotels are just about everywhere that you can think of. While all hotels are not on the same level, they are still generally nice places to stay and will see to all of your traveling needs. But the one thing that you have to worry about when you stay at a hotel is the security of the place.

And the security of the hotel is becoming more important than ever. These days there are hackers, both white hat and black hat, who are starting to target hotel locks. The white hat hackers are of course studying the hotel locks so that they can find ways to improve the system. The black hat hackers are of course studying the locks so that they can find ways around the system and either sell the technique to the highest bidder or use it themselves to be able to rob hotel rooms.

The reason why this is starting to happen is because more and more hotels are starting to move to an all digital system. And when that happens, you know that you are going to start to activate the curiosity of hackers. In the past you would get a room key that would open the hotel doors for you. For most hotels these days that is no longer the case. Now you get a card that you are supposed to swipe at the door and then you are allowed in. Break ins have always happened in hotel rooms but now the break ins are becoming part of the digital age.

There have already been reported vulnerabilities of some of the most popular hotel digital locks that are in use. And it seems like some of the companies who make these locks have been slow to upgrade the older version of their locks. That is why you have to be really careful when you are staying in a hotel. Do not assume that just because you have locked the door that it will stay locked.

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