Hoax Or Not? Red Hot Chilli Grenades

The following news sounds strange to say the least.

Is it a hoax or could it be true?


Indian defence scientists have recently decided to add a potent new ingredient into their hand grenades –

Yes, thats right, they’re going to add chili powder to their ordnance in an effort to control rioters and other troublesome miscreants.

Apparently the carefully selected red chilis will merely immobilise their targets instead of killing them, presumably by requiring them to stop their illegal activities as they search for a glass of cold water to get down their burning throats.

The non-deadly chili is known as Bhut Jolokia and is infinitely stronger than the sort of chili you or I would buy in the local shop.

Of course the use of spice is nothing new as pepper spray has been utilised in crowd control for many years.

The question, though, is do you believe that this is a hoax or are those strange Indians really going to make Red Hot Chili Grenades?

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  1. Dionne Collins says:

    Chili hand grenades, whatever next? Would have said hoax but already read this elsewhere so I know it is true.

  2. Sounds strange indeed. Is it really true?

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