Hiring The Bad Guys

We all know the saying that you do not put a fox in the hen house. While the fox may know the tricks of other foxes it can still turn back on you and it will be that fox who takes the goodies. But sometimes you have no other choices when it comes to your business or government agency. There are times when your enemy is your best friend and there is nothing that you can do about it. You just have to make sure that you watch them as well as you can.

Hiring The Bad Guys

That is the position that many governments find themselves in. They must find a way to be able to stop the bad guys overseas from infiltrating their system. But they have no-one that is on their staff who has the technical ability to be able to do it. While you might be able to hire smart people to be able to do the job, you still have to take the time to teach them and by that time it might be too late.

Other governments have embraced their hacking communities. In some countries they are considered heroes for the skills that they are able to provide. Countries who have made all of the hackers out there bad guys are finding that they are behind the eight ball when it comes to cyber security and they have to do something to catch up. That is why you are starting to see a higher rate of recruitment by governments for well known hackers.

You could see this recruitment happen in real time at some of the latest hacker conferences that happened in the past year. This is especially true in the USA. While the government has always had one foot in the door when it came to conferences such as this, just recently they have decided to become even more active. They are trying to show the hackers that if they come and work for them then they would be on the path to a good life.

But the government is not the only one who is taking this approach. Major corporations are as well. They are taking the steps necessary to protect the data they have. And they have decided that they need a fox in the hen house as well.

Computer security is only going to become a more serious proposition in the following years. We will see more and more of these actions take place.

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  1. The premise of this article is flawed. There are no skills that are so rare they are only possessed by criminals. If an organization isn’t capable of hiring talent, then there are likely other reasons for that. Resorting to criminals is not the answer to cover up for the fact that you can’t attract legitimate talent. Here in the US the reason the government can’t get enough good infosec pros is because the government’s hiring process is obscenely slow, they don’t pay very well, and the system is extremely plodding and bureaucratic, which tends to drive technical people nuts. (This is one reason why technical jobs were among the first to get hired out to contractors – the government just couldn’t handle it.)

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