Hiding Malware In An Image File

When black hat hackers want to try and hide something that they are doing, they will come up with many ways to get it done. It doesn’t matter if it seems impossible at the time, they will spend all of their waking moments to try and get it to work somehow. This may surprise some people but that is because you do not how a hacker’s mind works. Even though a black hat hacker is on the wrong side of the law, they are still a hacker. And a hacker likes to be able to have the chance to figure out a hard problem. And it is even better when you get paid to do it. And no matter what you may think of the practice, a black hat hacker is being paid to figure out hard problems. They are just being paid in an illegal manner.

There have been many tricks pulled in order to try and hide some of the malware that is out there. One of the tricks include putting a piece of malware in parts of the memory that is only supposed to be used by the operating itself and not the end user. The malware is so small and in such a strange place that a lot of the antivirus scanners will not find it. Another way that black hat hackers are able to hide malware is through the use of executable packages. They are mostly known as Trojans and the malware is hidden behind a normal executable package. While the person is downloading a normal file, in the background there is a corrupted file being loaded on the computer as well. And one more way that the bad guys are able to hide malware is through the use of image files. And that is what we are going to talk about in the rest of the article.


Hiding malware in image files is not a new process. As a matter of fact it has been around for a long time now. The only difference between now and then is that the bad guys are getting better at it. They have the process worked down to a science now. They not only take into consideration how the process will be done but they also take into consideration how the file should look at what the theme of the image should be. They are taking in social considerations when it comes to their attacks and are not just using file images because they are popular.

It is amazing that this type of attack does not get as much press as it should. Like we said earlier in the article, it happens all of the time and many systems have been taken down with such an attack. Yet, the general public does not know that an attack like this is even possible.

You have to remember when you are dealing with an image file that it is the same as the other files on your computer. It is not like a picture that you hold in your hand. It is the same thing as the executable on your computer and that office document that you wrote for your boss the other day. While they may not do the same exact thing on your system, it is still a file that is made of ones and zeros. And that means it can be corrupted by the bad guys.

So make sure that when you deal with an image, you treat it the same as other files.

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  1. Some where and i have lost the link to the article, there is a how to floating around the net telling you how to do this. Seems some people have started using this method to hide stuff on thier computers so that it cant be quickly found should someone access their computer. I suppose it is or could be a good idea.

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