Hey! Teacher! Leave Them Laptops Alone!

As computers become more and more a part of our lives, our children’s schools are trying to integrate them into a part of the curriculum as well.

They know that if a child doesn’t know how to use the basics of a computer in the modern age then they will be almost as far behind as a child who doesn’t know how to read or write.

So in the interest of keeping everyone on the same page, some schools have started to hand out laptops for children to use both when they are in school and at home.

But there has been a problem recently.


It turns out that some of the schools are violating the students privacy with these laptops.

The rest of the article will tell how this happening and what you can do to stop it.

Webcam Monitors

When some of these schools hand out a laptop for the child to use, they place a sort of nanny cam type software in it.

For the most part, this is a good idea for when the child is at school – it keeps them from surfing the internet and playing games while they are supposed to be learning.

But some schools are taking advantage of this software.

They have started keeping tabs on the child even when they are at home.

This is a gross violation of privacy rights and the courts must come down on this hard.

Big Brother Could Be A Pervert

This means that as long as the laptop is open at the child’s house, which it should be since the school expects them to do homework on it, they can see inside of the child’s room.

If the child is undressing and they just happen to be in front of the computer, then whoever is monitoring the software would be able to watch.

There is no way to tell that persons true intentions.

This is just a dangerous precedent all around.

If your child brings a free laptop home from school and you are worried about this same type of scenario happening, make sure that you discuss the school’s policies with them.

If you are not happy with their policies of monitoring the activity on the laptop, demand that you be able to use a laptop that you purchased yourself.

No school should be able to place what is, effectively, a spy cam in your home.

Also, you should demand to know exactly what software is running on the computer.

That way you can go online and look up some of the capabilities of that software yourself.

Make sure that you just do not take for granted that the school is doing the right thing when they give your child a laptop to use for school work.

Follow up on what their agenda is and make sure that you approve of it.

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