Heres A Simple Confiker Removal Guide

simple Conficker removal guide

The Confiker worm, also known as the Configure virus, is possibly one of the worst computer viruses ever created.

If it has found it’s way onto your system then I’m sure you are already aware of how annoying it is, and how difficult it is to remove.

simple Conficker removal guide

simple Conficker removal guide

Confiker blocks access to all well known antivirus programs and their corresponding websites.

The following video offers up some hope however –

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

1. Just download the Conficker Removal Tool (its a 2.2MB .zip file but perfectly safe), double click on it, choose “Extract all files…” from the File menu, and then follow the wizard’s instructions. Once unzipped you will have a new folder called bd_rem_tool.

2. Within this folder you will find a program called “bd_rem_tool_gui.exe” (or just “bd_rem_tool_gui”).Double click on this. It is also essential that you extract all the other files that you see in the zip archive too as they are required by the program in order to remove Confiker from your system.

3. If you have are running the Windows Vista operating system, or are a restricted user on Windows XP, then you may very well need to right click the “bd_rem_tool_gui” program and choose “Run as Administrator” in order to proceed with the procedure.

4. Once you have finished removing Confiker from your system you should probably reboot your machine.

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