Here Today, Here Tomorrow – Conficker Still Gets The Security Experts’ Knickers In A Twist

Even if you only have a passing interest in security matters I’m sure you will have heard of the Conficker worm.

Conficker was arguably the biggest security concern of 2009 and has infected several million machines around the world.

Security experts originally thought that Conficker was going to go postal on April 1st last year but the day of fools passed without much incident.

One year on, then, does that mean that the threat has totally dissipated?



No way!

Symantec reckons there are still some 6.5 million infected machines out there which equates to a very significant botnet indeed.

Conficker may have left many people’s memories but it certainly hasn’t left all of their machines.

Read more on this topic on Symantec’s page – Downadup/Conficker and April Fool’s Day: One Year Later

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