Hells Bells! Britons Now Fall Victim To An AC/DC Ticket Scam

Only last week I reported how a ticket scam had left some 8,ooo AC/DC fans out of pocket after a concerted planned for Bucharest was revealed to be bogus.

Now, however, their has been another ticket scam for a concert in Birmingham, England.

This time, fans of the Aussie rock group were left disappointed when they tried to gain access to the LG arena on Friday.

The majority of those fans who had been duped arrived at the box office, only to be informed that they had been conned by counterfeiters.

Even holders of genuine tickets were caught out as massive queues developed and some fans ended up missing the first hour of the concert.

Police made two arrests at the scene and an investigation into the internet arm of the ticket company is ongoing.

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  1. Are AC/DC unlucky or are these scams affecting all touring bands?

    • I’m sure they probably affect a lot of bands but I only picked up on these cases because I’m an AC/DC fan myself.


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