Have You Got The Buzz With Google+ ?

I’m someone who never really got going on Facebook – I have 4 fans – I guess I must be really ugly unsociable paranoid about my privacy. Well, one of those anyway.

So when I saw that Google were entering the social networking arena, again, I thought…¬†Buzz!

My second thought was that was probably a little harsh and that maybe, just maybe, I should trust Google again. I mean, surely, they can’t get it wrong. Again. Can they?


Well it is early days at the moment as I only got an invite to Google+ on Saturday (thanks Trevor) and haven’t spent a huge amount of time on there yet. My first impression is a good one (heck I’ve got 3 times as many friends there as I have on Facebook!) but others have delved far further beneath the hood than I have. So what does the internet world think of Google+ and what, if any, issues have they uncovered already?


The 4 lovely ladies above seem to think its cool don’t they!

Google – + or – ?

Google+: And You Thought Facebook Is A Privacy Nightmare¬†highlights the need to carefully read Google’s Terms Of Service before doing, well, anything really.

no friends

The Wall Street Journal blog points out that information shared in a private circle could end up becoming shared with members of the public as well.


Google+ users hit by spam glitch as social network announces business feature talks about how a bug lead to a deluge of email notifications being sent out to Google+ users.

no kidding

@josephmoney may have stumbled upon a problem with his cell phone and Google+ (see image below)

Google+ photos

Gizmodo rather likes the fact that your parents can’t find you on Google+ (allegedly)

friends and family

and, lastly, cio.com tells you what you need to know about privacy settings if you do decide to Google+ yourself.

think first

Have you got into Google+ yet? Do you like it? What do you make of the security/privacy features/risks?

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