Have Researchers Found A Way To Bypass Microsoft Bitlocker Security Technology?

In the last several iterations of the Microsoft Windows operating system they have touted the availability of higher security on the system.

The newer security features included the forced nag screen that came up when installing a program that could be harmful to your computer.

Also, the new command that you must have administrative access to be able to change certain settings that could damage the computer.

One security feature that was praised above all was the Bitlocker system.

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This technology allowed people to encrypt their hard drives in case it was stolen.

It now seems that the technology has a flaw that allows it to be bypassed.

The security test lab named Fraunhofer SIT discovered a way that they could get around the Bitlocker encryption.

The way that they bypass the system is completely software based and requires physical access to the machine.

It involves booting the system with Bitlocker on it from a separate device.

This device can be a USB drive or another computer.

Once it is ready, the attacker can then replace the boot code of the Bitlocker system with a piece of code that records the user provided key.

Once that key is recorded ,the person is able to reboot the system back to its unmodified state.

This attack even works if a person has the Trusted Platform Module turned on.

The Trusted Platform Module is another part of the Microsoft security system that until now was not able to be bypassed.

I’ve obviously made this sound simpler than it is as I don’t want to be teaching anyone how to do this but, in reality, it is far from simple.

It is very involved and not at all easy to pull off.

Overall the Bitlocker security system is still a very safe way to encrypt your files and folders.

They did not find a way to break the actual encryption, they merely found a way to bypass it.

You will not have to worry about your average attacker knowing how to do anything this complicated.

The system is still very secured and should keep you worry free.

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