Have PAT Lost The Plot Over Flight 447?

Earlier in the month an Iranian press website published a story about Obama’s Blackberry getting hacked.


Now a Bolivian TV channel, PAT, have been left rather red-faced after airing footage of the last moments of Air France flight 447.

Some of you may recognise the clip which PAT used to highlight the fate of the flight lost over the Atlantic on June the 1st.

PAT, however, did not and so reported that the images were captured on a recovered Casio Z750 which had been found amongst the wreckage.

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The serial number on the Z750 was then, they thought, traced to it’s owner –

“Paulo G. Muller, an actor from a well-known children’s theatre on the outskirts of Porto Alegre”.

If you’ve not already worked it out, these images are actually from the TV series Lost.

As the pictures pan around you can clearly make out Kate Austin (the delectable Evangeline Lilly) sitting next to the Marshall on Oceanic Flight 815.

Despite the fact that flight 447 was lost during a storm during the night PAT still ran with the story which has already been widely reported as a hoax on the internet.

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  1. Oh my word, how could they fall for that hoax? Even I would have worked out that footage was from Lost.

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