Have Grafiti Artists Vandalized Air Force One?

The video clip below quite clearly shows a group of ‘taggers’ entering Andrews Air Force Base.


They are then seen vandalizing President Obama‘s plane, Air Force One.

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Could security around the President’s plane really be so lax that this could have happened or is the video a hoax?

Let me know what you think via the comments…

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  1. Hmmmmm I will guess that this is a hoax? 😀

  2. Dionne Collins says:

    The truth is out!

  3. DreadPirate says:

    This is a hoax, and not even a new one.


    • Well that’s given the game away 🙁

      Of course this is a hoax folks and the link above gives all the details.

  4. Dionne Collins says:

    Well the video clip sure looks convincing enough. Is this a breaking news story?

  5. Wellll… I am sure that since no event has ever occurred, that someone MIGHT get by human security, overly lax by years of nothing happening but my guess is that this is a video of one of the Hollywood mock ups that is used in movies. Otherwise someone is in some real deep doody.

    • You’re certainly right that nothing like this has happened before and, if true, there will be some pretty serious questions asked!

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