Has The Source Code For Your Company Been Leaked?

In the past running a business was pretty easy. This was especially true if you had a business that was pretty blue collar. You didn’t have to worry about technology and you didn’t have to worry about the bad guys coming on to your work network to take trade secrets from you. When someone wanted to take a trade secret from you in the past they would actually have to break into the building and then break into a safe. Now that is no longer the case. Now everything is kept in a digital space and all the person has to do to get to your trade secrets is to have a lot of technical knowhow.

But when you are a small business the problem gets even worse. How do you know when someone is being bad on your network and they actually break in? You need the computers that you use to be able to do your work more efficiently but you do not have the money to be able to protect yourself properly. How do you know that someone is not exploring your system right now? This is a real problem and something we hope to help you correct.

Has The Source Code For Your Company Been Leaked?

When most people think about source code being leaked from a project they usually think about big major league companies having their source code stolen. But that is not always the case. There are plenty of times when it is not the big boys of the industry getting their code stolen but the smaller guys. In the past, the amount of black hat hackers that knew what they were doing was pretty small. Now that is no longer the case. There are a lot of black hat hackers out there and this now means that their areas of interest are now more diverse. So if you are any company that makes a profit then you must be aware of your network and the possibility of your code being stolen.

Companies who should be worried about copies of their source code being stolen

Now of course if you are a company who makes a software product then you have to worry about your source code being stolen. This means that if you make the traditional desktop software or even if you make a mobile application you should be worried. Yes, now the bad guys are even going after the source code of your mobile apps. They want to either be able to crack the app that you have available in the app store or they want to copy your source code so that they can make their own version. It is all fair game to them as long as it makes money.

But what is also fair game is the source code for your web site. This is where we see the most of the source code being stolen from. The client side source code of a web site is publicly available to be viewed so some people think that this is a license to be able to copy and place the code on their web site. But the bad guys also use this access to code so that they can try to find vulnerabilities in your web site. So you have to try and be as careful as you can when you are talking about the client side portion of your web site.

Third party source code leaks

But it is not only the people who ship any type of software that has to worry about leaks. The people who use software which the source code has been stolen also have to worry about it as well. When a company that you buy a software license from to use their product, source code has been leaked, you have to assume that your security has been compromised as well. That is the main reason why bad guys go after the source code of a product. They want to be able to get in the backdoor of all the people who are using that product. So when the company issues an update to the problem, you must make sure that you take advantage of it. If you do not then you really might find yourself vulnerable while everyone else is protected. The bad guys being able to look at the inner workings of your system is something that you do not want to fool around with. If the company does not issue an update then you really have to think about moving to a new software provider.

When you are dealing with a software business, extra precaution has to be taken when it comes to the material that built the business. And that material is the source code that lies beneath the exterior graphics. If the bad guys are able to get their hands on that source code then that means that your business can be in real danger.

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