Has Facebook Crossed The Line Where User Privacy Is Concerned?

When it comes to social media services such as Facebook your privacy is a very tricky issue.

Yes, you are expected to provide information about yourself when you join a service such as this but it should be up to you where this information is displayed at.

More and more, the internet is becoming a place where your data is being shared with services that you might not even know about.

While this may make for some interesting applications it can also leave you feeling more exposed than you might otherwise would.

Your privacy is still important, even in the age of the internet.

While some tech CEO’s might not think so, you should have reasonable expectations that your personal information will be used in a respectful manner.

It seems to a lot of people that Facebook may be crossing the line when it comes to that.

Crossing The Line?

Facebook recently introduced some new features that seem to need people to give up a lot of their personal data – even more data than they expected.

Facebook has taken their Facebook connect feature to the next level and have spread it out to even more sites, leaving you very little privacy.

To make matters worse, they allow these sites to keep your data for longer than the 24 hour period that they used to.

Not only that, when you visit some of the sites, if you are logged on to Facebook, you will automatically be logged on into these sites as well.

This means that they will get your information without them asking your permission for it.

This may be crossing a big line for most people who use the service.

You may be logged into a web site that you do not trust and would not like to share your information with.

Along with this, Facebook has made it so that you cannot make private some of the information about you that is on the page.

Now the people will know the city that you are from and other information that you were able to keep private before.

Most people do not know about these changes yet but once they start to find out there could be a minor uproar.

Facebook is really straddling the line with their users’ personal data and people, such as me, are starting to wonder if they can be trusted anymore.

This is not the first time that Facebook has had these problems when it comes to security and privacy issues.

They have amended their privacy statements over the years several times and each time that they do it, they seem to make it more liberal than before.

The simple fact is that Facebook needs your data so that they can remain profitable and if you want to be able to use their service, then you may have to expect less and less privacy, though I have to say that Facebook is still more appealing that Google’s Buzz!

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