Has Aerosmith’s Web Site Been Hacked?

I like my music heavy and I like it loud. One of my favourite bands is Aerosmith and so I’ve just popped over to their web site to see if theres any news of note to read. But something curious is going on which, on first glance, appears to be a malicious defacement.


If you visit aerosmith.com right now you’ll see what appears to be a message left by another musical act along with image above.

The message left starts off by saying,

“Look. This was not easy for us to do. Okay, technically, it wasn’t too tough. That’s not what we mean. It was a tough decision to make as a BAND because we know we’re causing you some headaches right now, and we love you guys. But what is an unknown band supposed to do today? How is a band supposed to get noticed?”

So… it looks like the American rockers’ site has been hacked, huh?

Under other circumstances I’d be inclined to believe that was indeed the case. However, another piece of information needs to be taken into account here before drawing any firm conclusions – Aerosmith have a new album (“Music From Another Dimension”) coming out on the 6th of November.

So… could this be a publicity stunt instead of a malicious attack?

I have my opinion on that… whats yours?

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