Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Malware

The bad guys on the internet are always on the lookout for new and ingenious ways of getting viruses and other malware onto your computer.

Their latest attempt is based on the popular kids movie, “Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince”.


I’ve spoken before about the dangers of downloading movies and other files from the internet, especially via torrents and other peer-to-peer mechanisms.

The truth, though, is that an awful lot of people continue to acquire their entertainment in such a manner.

Malware distributors know that and so they have targeted illegal downloads of the latest Harry Potter movie.

Spam emails are being sent out, en masse I would imagine, with content that offers the recipient the opportunity to ‘Watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince online free’.

Of course the associated link in the email links to a bogus site which is often changing URLs from what I’ve seen.

Clicking on the link on that page, in order to supposedly watch the movie, prompts the user to download a file called ‘streamviewer’.

This in turn leads to a multitude of malware being installed on the target computer, including such goodies as the Koobface worm.

The moral of the story is :

If you want to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince then pay to go to the cinema or wait for it to come out on DVD.

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