Hannah Montana’s Miley Cyrus Killed In Car Crash?

If you follow ‘news’ stories on sites such as Digg or Wikipedia then you may believe that Miley Cyrus of Hannah Montana fame has been killed in a tragic car accident.

Unlike the recent pictures of Miley’s reputed drug use and being threatened with addiction rehab programs by her family, this story is false.


The story is in fact an internet hoax, much like the one that claimed Jared Fogle was dead – but that doesn’t stop people believing it and spreading the story around like crazy.

The hoax references a story that the writer falsely claims originated with Reuters (which they spelt ‘Rueters’) –

Actress Miley Cyrus Died in Terrible Car Accident

Teen star of the hit Disney television series “Hannah Montana” Miley Cyrus appears to have died in a tragic car accident in the early hours of Friday morning.

The young starlet was on her way to the filiming [sic] of the upcoming “Hannah Montanna” [sic] Series when her vehicle was reportedly hit by a large truck.

Witnesses estimate that the colliding vehicle was travelling [sic] at “At least 55mph” and had “Run a stop sign.”

Although rushed in a [sic] critical condition to Pacific Alliance Medical Centre [sic], the news broke quickly amongst reporters that the teen had succumbed to her injuries during surgery.

As you can tell from the above, the numerous spelling mistakes are not what you’d expect to see from an official Reuters report.

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Additionally, the use of ‘centre’ is European, rather than the American ‘center’ so that is another ‘dead’ giveaway.

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  1. What if it’s intended for you to think it’s a hoax, and it’s not the original death story, and Miley Cyrus was cloned like all the other famous people who posed a threat and would not conform…. The World Wide Web can be very misleading, especially if you do a search on ‘Charley Sheen clone’, for example. you are inundated with mass downloads of this funny skit Sheen did with Kimmel where one of them is a clone of Charlie Sheen and one is the real. All this to publicly flaunt and therefore minimize the chance you might actually find the truth on the web, though it IS there. Neither of them is actually the real Charlie Sheen who miraculously came back from the dead when it was reported that he just took a long nap and is alive and kicking. It’s funny watching his winning videos, he pretty much claims he’s a Rock Star from Mars and we’re all trolls. Clones are so much more easier to manipulate, though this particular Charlie Sheen was more obvious than most celebrity/politician clones. You don’t actually have to be dead to have a clone. This is all based on George Green’s testimonies of how the government received this “cloning” knowledge in 1938. Even Hitler had a clone. George claims he’s seen the governments documentation that the clone died for all to see, and the real Hitler stuck around and died more recently.

  2. if miley cyrus is died?

  3. april boughton says:

    hey i miss hannah montana

  4. i love miley cyrus but i dont belive that she is died because who ever write this we could of like see how she died and it would be all over the news 🙁 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cheyanne dyer says:

      i think ur right if she would have died friday i would have seen it on the news but i didnt so ya i think how ever wrote it is a lier!!!!!!! 🙂

      • cheyanne dyer says:

        ya and who so ever thinks shes nasty she aint shes trying to stay clean and be a right person if she wasnt she wouldnt be here today but she is so dont say anything about miley cyrus ur biggest fan cheyanne dyer!!!! 🙂

  5. ديوانه says:

    Oh My god .
    Who is Hanna ?
    And who Is Milky ?
    Why they don,t die ? 😕
    we are alive ? Oh my god im alive :O

  6. oh my gosh this is aweomse u guise r stupid

  7. jean marie vilacrucis says:

    hi miley anyway is jecson really your brother ?where do you leave i leave in the philipines . how old are you im 17 . i’m so glad your not dead andi think you and jake ryan are mate

  8. kanyin awolowo says:

    Hi Hannah it is said
    that u are dead but some of your fans have teeeerrrrriiiiibbbblllleeeee comments about u,its unfortunate u cant reply-
    love kanyin


  9. miley… its so cool you arent dead .. i love you so muuuch i wish you come to Egypt believe me its so cool please.. can you give me your phone no. and please Egypt is great..and i was gonna cry all the time and i didnt believe that but… thanks to god that you are a life.

  10. noooo…. she is i would’nt believe until she would say it to me or her father

  11. i love hannha but you are not hannha monthana say that

  12. why all of you takein abut hannah montana

  13. she is no dead

  14. i did hear my friends saying she did die..but i would never belive it in my life time that is because i am the best fan of her.and if she is dead i would just cry off with all my might ..

    regards ,vaishu

  15. are you dead miley

  16. shikhar mourya says:

    hannah your songs will be very very good i like your songs and i like you hannah you are my life i like you hannah you are my hart i love you so much hannah you don’t forget i am what am saying hannah you so beutyfullllll i love you so much my sweet dream please learn this hannah my sweet hart i love you soooo muchhhhh my sweet girl my sweet dream t love you my dear hannah montana miley cyrus

  17. i love hannah montana she is great women in world i dont know miley cyrus is died thats not true i dont believe it?????????????????????????

  18. wow, you all sound like 10 year olds…

  19. ToThePersonWhoSaidTheyWereMiley says:

    I think Miley Cyrus has a little better grammar than that. And knows how to spell “A little” And knows that her middle name is Hope not Ray.
    Get a life.

  20. javiannamason says:

    i love miley im a fan i have your parties i sing hannahmontana at it im 9-years old i love you hannah i hope you are not dead come to my birthday party at grastone

  21. she makes new shows and goes to concerts every day and if she died no more concerts and movies plus it would be all over the news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its just the popperazzi wanting some slack

  22. cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miley Cyrus is not dead!!!!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. miley ray cyrus says:

    hey guys,
    its miley,. um im not dead as you see. im typing so you know im not dead. who ever said that is a lier. and if i really did die i hope no one would laugh at it. thats alittle mean! and im happy and glad that im i didnt die and so should everyone. its not nice.
    well i love all my fans. just wanted to say. im not dead!! (:
    go on to mileycyrus.com and my youtube page
    bye (:

    with love,
    miley ray cyrus

    • Hello miley i heard that u drove on my uncle car and thx for the present

    • Hiya miley im glad your not dead because im one of your biggest fans and i care about my station popstar. Im glad you didn’t die because if you did i would cry my eyes out and i would cuddle your hannah montana dolls in and i would cuddle your hannah montana cushions in also i would stay in my room for ever and even not go to school only if i feel a bit better also i’ll go to your dead day party xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      lots and loads of love from

      ami kelly

    • hey miley i love all ur songs n watched all ur movies n even ur episode. n i miss u so much……… plzzzzz 4 us organize a concert in India….. plzzzzzzzz. i hope to recieve ur reply soon…..

    • How do we know that you are the real Miley Cyrus and not some faker who just put Miley Ray Cyrus as a username there are so many liars on the internet its almost impossible to trust anyone these days just saying and if that’s really you Miley, i am a big fan.

    • keke132 says:

      i love yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu miley cyres text me back

    • i love you so much who will put that thats mean are you living your life please reply me back please

    • TikiTheSpy says:

      You’re stupid,Miley!!!I hate you!!!!You are the worst actress,singer and dancer!!!

  24. anna roberts says:

    miley she’s not dead
    this is a fake

  25. dat is a big lie if she was dead then they would have that on the news and everybodii would of been talkin about it

  26. miley cyrus is’nt died i now that right now. they could lie online.just giving a litle hint.bbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    love emma

  27. she is not dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Eskimo princess says:

    ummm… i juss heard that Hannah Montana died yesterday in a car crash and i laughed at it and i said is that true? so i looked it up to see if it was true

  29. did hannah montana really had an car accident??? cause i really wanna know some of my friends are keep saying that….they said they saw it on the satelite dish is so….that so sad 🙁

  30. whats up with car crashes with these hoaxs

    • I think that a lot of the time its just the same old stuff getting recirculated with different names pasted in – the hoaxsters are obviously lazy!

      • nandita (india) says:

        no, miley is not dead im not saying that my heart says this

        love nandita

  31. i really miss you now your dead i heard that you had a car crash friday morning im so sorry and ivd loved all your song you were the best singer i likeyou so much i really hope that this didnt happen and i just want to say am i correct that the only people who really believed this were those who dont read the news on reputable sites from the mainstream media. if somebodys gonna lie about things like that they shoudnt put it all over the internet.bbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    • These celebrity death hoaxes are becoming far too common. Today its the turn of Emma Watson who, it is claimed, also died in a car crash.


  32. Am I correct in saying that the only people who really believed this were those who don’t read news on reputable sites from the mainstream media? Really, its incredibly easy for someone to get a rumour like that started- all they have to do is post it somewhere and claim to be a witness and all hell breaks loose. =)

    I’m sure someone will come out and say that she’s been replaced by a doppleganger, and that there are clues in the shows, and on the merchandise (regardless of how ridiculous the ‘clue’ actully is…)

    • Just look at what Mannah Hontana wrote above you for doppleganger news.

      Yeah, you’re right though, most hoaxes like this start with one joker saying they witnessed an event and then it spreads like wildfire after that.

  33. courtney says:

    if someones gonna lie about things like that they shouldnt put it all over the internet

    • But the internet is a breeding ground for lies, half-truths and hoaxes so its not surprising that such stories surface is it?

  34. Manna Hontana says:

    Cyrus, like Paul McCartney, was indeed killed in a car accident and has been replaced by a robotic space alien double from the planet Mercury. She was on her way to a meeting with Salman Rushdie and Elvis Presley (who, coincidentally — or maybe not — faked his own death in 1977 in order to capitalize on the Elvis memorabilia market) when she was startled by shots fired from a nearby grassy knoll and collided with another vehicle driven by Teddy Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopekne.

    It will not affect her music in the slightest but may decrease the frequency at which she does boneheaded things to inject herself into the news and gossip cycle. Mercurians don’t like publicity, you know.

  35. she didn’t die cause she was in my uncles hotel last night

    so who made this up is a big fat liar

  36. Shantina says:

    you remember my early comment?Well my cousin is dead now.Yeah,she got caught by . . . . . . a pervert!Cyrus,you BETTER feel REALLY bad about this!

  37. tameilia says:

    it is so not true.

  38. tameilia says:

    i was fritten when i heard but it is not true.

  39. Why do people blindly believe this stuff without checking major news outlets first?


  41. omg she is NOT dead! and now she can drive but i was on a site and everyones like “OMG I AM SO SAD HANNAH DIED!” and me and my friends r like where r they even getting this from! but its not true because if she did…there wouldnt be any shows!!!

    • I’m guessing that the news report has been circulated yet again – every few weeks I’m seeing an influx of visitors to this post.

  42. Cheerleader! So-and-So! Whatserface! The UGLY ONE! says:

    ‘dead’ giveaway. I LOL’d.

  43. nurulhannah says:

    miley i dont belive she dead how could she…. i hope i could be like her one day…

  44. I just heard a rumour that Miley Cyrus has been killed on tv. Is it true?

  45. OMG!!!

    pepole think so horribly and if she did die (which she didn’t) it would be all over the news.i love hannah montana the seris and miley cyrus im watching her right now lol!!!. what do ya think Scam am i right (im only 11 i dont know about this)

    • I totally agree that if Miley Cyrus had died then the mainstream news would have picked it up and every tv station would be telling us the story by now.

  46. Why do people fall for these hoaxes???

    • Many reasons I think – sometimes because they sound plausible, or it could be because so many other people say they are true, etc, etc

  47. I don’t care!my 4-year-old cousin is such a big miley fan she does WHATEVER she deos.She stripping.And this may sound like a lie but she singlehandedley put them on the web.I know shocking,right?

  48. IM A ANGRY MOM OF 2 DAUGHTERS who ever started this rumer should go to PRISON all the kids are crying over this im sure glad its not true my oldest child she is handicapped child she sings when shes on tv its cute were all glad shes alive and well—————–

    • Rumour-mongering is not a criminal offence (as far as I am aware), imprisonable or otherwise…and neither is making children cry. If making children cry were an imprisonable offense, I’m sure you and every other parent would have been jailed many times over. The problem is that people too readily believe anything they read and don’t do their own research, or look at reputable sites. I suppose though the next thing they think of is claiming she was replaced by a ‘look-a-like’…kinda like people claim the Beatles did.

  49. i pity her…:))

  50. My 4-year-old,6-year-old and 8-year-old cousins are stripping now because of her that’s why we don’t watch hannah montana.They idolize her.I wish had never become one of those others.MY 10-year-old cousin is taking pics of her self naked.What do I do.Please help me.There parents are saying there going cry there eyes out because there’s nothin’ they can do about it.HEEELLLP!

    • As an uncaring male of the species I’m probably not the best person to give advice on that!!

      My kids don’t watch HM any more so I’m not quite sure why anyone would want to strip to it???

      • a clueless guy says:

        i hav no know idea wat you mean by stripping, the only meaning i know of is when u remove all clothing.
        is it natural for some1 to do that if they heard some news that would cause them great inconvenience in any particular way??

    • courtney says:

      how does ur 4 yr old know how to strip

    • Animedude5555 says:

      Teens (if they are dumb) strip. 10yo or younger don’t, and certainly wouldn’t post it online. Regardless of what Hanna did, as she didn’t even strip. Her worst pic she was covered in a blanket. I don’t call that stripping. And if anything, it would convince a naive child that it was ok to wear a blanket only, NOT that it was ok to strip completely. Also, how did they see that news? Did you let your kids watch Entertainment Tonight (not even a kid’s show)? Did you let your kids watch the evening news? (if I had kids I wouldn’t until at least they were 13 or 14 because the news talks about some terrible stuff, even war and murder)

      Also even if they idolize her, especially for her singing, It’s likely they’ll try to sing her songs and stuff like on the show, not do EVERYTHING she does even the not so good stuff. Also your story sound like an almost exact copy of someone elses story in a similar comment above (also talking about 4yo stripping and taking photos, when some times little kids actually run around like that cause they don’t know better anyway but it’s not stripping and they don’t take pictures of themselves and send over the net or take such pics only but no sending, or even use the net, or know how to use the net or and most likely not a camera either, plus that 4yo stripping thing is exactly to the year what someone else says you just elaborate and add ages 6, 8, and 10 to your story too). Quite suspicious, I guess QUITE FAKE!

      Something smells fishy about your story. I think you are trying to start a rumor to bring hate against Hanna Montanna / Miley Cyrus. Your anti Miley Cyrus “my kids are stripping” rumor is hereby going to be stopped hear and now just as much as the Miley Cyrus car crash death rumor.

    • a clueless guy says:

      anyway, b4 u comment – where i live, even 4 year-olds have a sense moral decency

  51. I just heard about this in an email. Is she dead or alive?

  52. Please tell me this isnt true.

  53. She has done about 2-4 new episodes about her ” death”.
    Explain that. It really is a hoax….

    I think…

  54. is she ok yesterday they told they dont know

  55. I hope she ok!maybe someone crying because this video is so sad!

  56. but would kinda suck if she died but also they would sell billions of copys ogfher cds movies everything

  57. im not dum she is not dead if she was dead how would she do all the newest shows

  58. davina berry says:

    im so shocked that hannah montana dead !! 🙁

  59. She is only 15 but I think I saw somewhere that she already has a car of her own. Worrying eh?

  60. I read somewhere that Miley is only 15, is that true?

  61. Who would be so SICK to say that, poor miley.
    She must fell like she wants to die now, people just gotta leave her alone.
    She just wants to have a life, not be pronounced dead by an idiotic person- clearly with no life them selfs.
    Leave her alone !

  62. some hoaxes are funny but not the ones about people dying.

  63. bigger than the GERARD WAY (my chemical romance) dead rumor that pops up every few months !!!

    good thing some people check facts!

    • Yep, there are a lot of these sorts of rumors doing the rounds and this isn’t the first time that claims of Miley Cyrus’ death have circulated either.

  64. David Mudkipperton says:


    Very sad.

  65. all you are about is your kids being able to watch the show??
    thats the only reason your happy shes not dead??

  66. My kids love the Hannah Montana shows so I am quite relieved to know that they will continue.

  67. I thinking joking about people dying is pretty darn sick really. Glad she is ok.

  68. I almost cried when I thought this was true.

  69. Why would someone joke about this?


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