Hannah Montana’s Miley Cyrus And The Sex Photo Hoax

Poor young Miley Cyrus.

First her critics try to make out that she died in a car crash.

Now there are rumours around the internet that suggest there are photos of her allegedly engaged in a sex act.

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Considering the fact that Miley is only 16 I made a point of not trying to find the photos but there are plenty of sites out there claiming to have them.

So widespread are the rumours of the photos that Miley’s rep has released an urgent press release, making it clear that the X-rated pictures have nothing to do with the star of Hannah Montana –

“The alleged photo of Miley Cyrus circulating the internet is completely fabricated”

My guess is that the rep is completely right and that the photo of Miley is indeed hoaxed as I have read several sites which suggest Photoshop tinkering may have been applied to a photo of the Disney star blowing someone a kiss.

Do you think that the people who create such images are clever or stupid?

Or, considering Miley’s age, are they just plain sick?

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  3. abdou romantique says:

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  4. I think the sort of people who make this sort of stuff up are quite sick.


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